Queen of Noobs – Wet N’ Wild

Written by  on May 9, 2015 



Sergjiev hosts the Tournament series inspired by ExtraGuy & made possible by Fightcade & TrollcoinBOT for Twitch. Compete against friend & foe in the most random of all Tournaments

Queen of Noobs – “Wet & Wild”

Game Fightcade Randomizer (game list)
Platform | fightcade.com
Format | Double Elimination, 1 match wins (best 1/1)
When | May 14, 2015,  8:15pm Pacific / 11:15pm Eastern
Livestream twitch.tv/arkadeum
Registration & Brackets challonge.com

Players must have full romset (serg.x10.mx) to participate, arrive in twitch chat by 8pm pacific, inability of 2 players to connect after 2 minutes and incomplete matches settled by coin toss