Monday Night FightCade

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Welcome to Monday Night FightCade, North Americas weekly/ranked online Super Turbo league.

Registration & Brackets |
Game | Super Street Fighter II X – Grand Master Challenge

Date & Time | Mondays, 7pm PST (10pm EST)
Region | North America (Canada, USA, Mexico)
Restrictions | participants must maintain consistent ping below 200ms. Tip: DO NOT use WiFi. If you are having connection issues, it may help to open ports 6000-6009 UDP & 7000 TCP.
Cheating | ALL FORMS OF CHEATING is prohibited & subject to permanent username ban from future tournaments. Examples of cheating includes but is not limited to using turbo or autofire, macros, lag switches etc.
Tournament Format | random seed 9 round Swiss brackets, all 2/3 sets. Followed by top 8 custom seeded bracket dubbed Sergjievs Tower of Doom, or “STD”, all top 8 are best 3/5 sets. Akuma is banned, 40 player cap, free entry, prizes tbd
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Queen of Noobs X!

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queen of noobs X

queen of noobs x

Presented by FredPlaysGames, created by The General, & broadcast live from Arkadeum Studios in Los Angeles CA. This is… Queen of Noobs X!

Game Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter
Date Oct 12, 2013
Time | 3PM Pacific / 6PM EST
Signup challonge


We ask that all participants be ready to play both GGPO & Supercade.  Both are free downloads at &

Super Turbo Fright Club

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Ballz 3D (SNES) Review 1.8/2

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Mane yeers chave pass since dis game was released & 3D fighting games have now become a standard.

Dis is by far de juiciest, sexiest & hotnessest of the quasi 3d fighting games of de 90’s

Graphics look much naice than original Street Fighter 1 & de physics on par with Ice Climber (enother excellent fighting game)

Sergjiev give Ballz 3D de score of 1.7 (of 2) balls


“De Generals Lounge of Rage” Alpha version

Written by  on September 13, 2013

Sergji make his first game fer yew, so hot, so sexi, so juicy. Yew chelp debug, jes?

Direct download link: lounge_of_rage_alpha_build (4.48mb)

Known issues:

– The game has no ending point (yet)

– Sergjis sound effects need modification

The SMK Showdown @ Arcade 101

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Info section

Unboxing Undamned UD-CPS2

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Prepare to get Noobed!

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Tournament Info

When | Saturday, September 21, 2013  @ Noon Pacific Standard Time
Location | GGPO
Signups | to join, contact or visit the Facebook Event Page
Entry Fee | FREE
Brackets |
Livestream |

See you there!

Super Turbo Fight Club Tournament

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