Monday Night FightCade ST North America

Written by  on March 15, 2017 

Welcome to Monday Night FightCade, North Americas weekly/ranked online Super Turbo league.

ToL3 Qualifiers | Email your Twitch, FightCade & Challonge usernames to 

Registration & Brackets |

Game | Super Street Fighter II X – Grand Master Challenge

Date & Time | Mondays, 7pm Pacific (10pm Eastern)

Region | North America (Canada, USA, Mexico) No Exceptions!

Tournament Format | Random seed 8 round Swiss brackets, all games are best 2 of 3 sets. Top 8 scoring players of Swiss tournament enter into Sergjievs Tower of Doom bracket, 8th rank meets 7th, winner moves up to fight 6th and so on. These will be best 2 of 3 sets, except for grand final being best 3 of 5.

Restrictions | Participants must ping below 200ms for the majority of their opponents, if a player consistently pings above 200ms for more than a few opponents, they will be asked to not participate until a more robust internet connection is available.- Tip: Do not use WiFi, DO NOT USE WiFi.
If you are experiencing connection issues, it may help to open ports 6000-6009 UDP & 7000 TCP.

Rules | Akuma is banned, 40 player cap, free entry, prizes TBD. Cheating is prohibited & subject to permanent username ban from future tournaments. Examples of cheating include but are not limited to using turbo or autofire, macros, lag switches etc.

Livestream |

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