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The Super Salty Puzzle Fighter Tourney

Written by  on October 2, 2013

queen of noobs XI

Presented by The General , created by the salt of the earth, & broadcast live from Arkadeum Studios in Los Angeles CA. This is… Queen of Noobs XI!

super salty puzzle fighter tournament copyGame Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
Date  November 3, 2013
Time | 3PM Pacific / 6PM EST
Livestream twitch.tv/arkadeum
Signup challonge
Brackets arkadeum.challonge.com/qonxi


We ask that all participants be ready to play both GGPO & Supercade.  Both are free downloads at ggpo.net & damdai.com

Ballz 3D (SNES) Review 1.8/2

Written by  on September 18, 2013

Mane yeers chave pass since dis game was released & 3D fighting games have now become a standard.

Dis is by far de juiciest, sexiest & hotnessest of the quasi 3d fighting games of de 90’s

Graphics look much naice than original Street Fighter 1 & de physics on par with Ice Climber (enother excellent fighting game)

Sergjiev give Ballz 3D de score of 1.7 (of 2) balls