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Queen of FightCade Qualifier #2 of 16

Written by  on May 18, 2015


Sergjievski hosts the tournament series inspired by ExtraGuy, made possible by & powered by TrollcoinBOT. Compete in the most random of all tournamnets!

16 winners of the Queen of FightCade Tournament Series go on to compete for the coveted title “King of FightCade” in our grand final tournament TBA late 2015/early 2016

Queen of FightCade – “#2 of 16”

PrizePot Grand Prize: 1,000,000 Trollcoin
Game Fightcade Randomizer (list)
Platform |
Format | Double Elimination Tournament, 1 match wins (best 1/1)
Max Players/qualifier | 16
When |  Monday June 1, 2015,  8pm Pacific / 11pm Eastern
Registration & Brackets

Players must have a fully updated romset ( to participate, arrive in Twitch chat at by 8pm pacific & be available for games until tournament completion.

Estimated tournament duration 1-3 hours

Queen of Noobs – Wet N’ Wild

Written by  on May 9, 2015



Sergjiev hosts the Tournament series inspired by ExtraGuy & made possible by Fightcade & TrollcoinBOT for Twitch. Compete against friend & foe in the most random of all Tournaments

Queen of Noobs – “Wet & Wild”

Game Fightcade Randomizer (game list)
Platform |
Format | Double Elimination, 1 match wins (best 1/1)
When | May 14, 2015,  8:15pm Pacific / 11:15pm Eastern
Registration & Brackets

Players must have full romset ( to participate, arrive in twitch chat by 8pm pacific, inability of 2 players to connect after 2 minutes and incomplete matches settled by coin toss