TrollCoinBOT BETA Continues

Written by  on January 31, 2016

Your wait is almost over! New TrollCoinBOT commands coming this week as testing continues on our Twitch & Hitbox channels. !join !part & !withdraw are next in line, & old balances will be resurrected once Colt feels the system is stable for public use.

Brawlhalla & FightCade

Written by  on November 6, 2015

We are always looking for fast paced & competitive games to play with you on stream, Brawlhalla is just that game!
Fast & free to install on Steam & just as easy to connect with anyone who wants in on the action.
We’ll be testing out Brawlhalla’s flow with money matches & upcoming the troll bets function while continuing our battles over Fightcade’s impressive roster of fighting game classics.

Join us for both games Mon-Thu at 7pm Pacific at or watch on Twitch & subscribe to our YouTube channel for full episode replays available shortly after each cast.

Money Match Monday’s

Written by  on September 26, 2015

Join us on Hitbox, Twitch & YouTube every Monday night at 7pm Pacific for competitive Fightcade action

Chat & MoneyMatch:

We’ll start you off with 50,000 troll credits to play with, just ask in chat.

Watch our Past Shows on YouTube

Written by  on September 24, 2015

We are happy to report our broadcasts have are now simulcast on,, Youtube & including permanent show archives now available on Youtube


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Queen of FightCade Qualifier #2 of 16

Written by  on May 18, 2015


Sergjievski hosts the tournament series inspired by ExtraGuy, made possible by & powered by TrollcoinBOT. Compete in the most random of all tournamnets!

16 winners of the Queen of FightCade Tournament Series go on to compete for the coveted title “King of FightCade” in our grand final tournament TBA late 2015/early 2016

Queen of FightCade – “#2 of 16”

PrizePot Grand Prize: 1,000,000 Trollcoin
Game Fightcade Randomizer (list)
Platform |
Format | Double Elimination Tournament, 1 match wins (best 1/1)
Max Players/qualifier | 16
When |  Monday June 1, 2015,  8pm Pacific / 11pm Eastern
Registration & Brackets

Players must have a fully updated romset ( to participate, arrive in Twitch chat at by 8pm pacific & be available for games until tournament completion.

Estimated tournament duration 1-3 hours

Queen of Noobs – Wet N’ Wild

Written by  on May 9, 2015


queen of noobs copy

Sergjiev hosts the Tournament series inspired by ExtraGuy & made possible by Fightcade & TrollcoinBOT for Twitch. Compete against friend & foe in the most random of all Tournaments

Queen of Noobs – “Wet & Wild”

Game Fightcade Randomizer (game list)
Platform |
Format | Double Elimination, 1 match wins (best 1/1)
When | May 14, 2015,  8:15pm Pacific / 11:15pm Eastern
Registration & Brackets

Players must have full romset ( to participate, arrive in twitch chat by 8pm pacific, inability of 2 players to connect after 2 minutes and incomplete matches settled by coin toss

The !gotnext Virtual Arcade Queue

Written by  on February 19, 2015

FightCade setup explained

25 trolls per game

!gotnext lounge

MoneyMatch coming soon!

Super Turbo Saturdays

Written by  on November 14, 2014

Discussing the future of  ST at Super Arcade

The Valle/Watson breakup

Top 10 reasons you know you’re addicted to ST

GGPO vs FightCade

ST sessions over FightCade

King of GGPO 2013

Written by  on October 2, 2013


king of ggpo 2013 thumb copy

Kuroppi’s King of GGPO tournament series represents & crowns the top Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo master of the North American continent.

Qualifier #3 & Grand Finals

Game Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
Platform |
Date Nov 23, 2013
Time | 1PM Pacific / 4PM Eastern

Qualifier #2

Qualifier #1